Celebrate Mid-Autumn with JW Marriott Hanoi Luxury Mooncake Collection

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Moon Cake - A Gift of Happiness

Inspired by the image of 2 carps swimming in the lotus lake, moon cake box 2019 of JW Marriott Hanoi with semicircle design is full of elegance and originality. It will surely be a meaningful gift to bring success and happiness to all families.

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JW MOONCAKE 2019 Moon Cake Order Form


Location : Crystal Jade Palace
Cuisine : Mooncake

You can choose one of below options to make an order:
1. Visit Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant or Mooncake Counter at JW Marriott Hanoi
2. Submit a Special Request on our website
3. Print, fill out the ORDER FORM and send it to us
4. Call: (+84)936408036 (Hotline) or 024.3833.5588 (Sales Center)
5. Send your request directly to dung.tran@marriott.com

*Early Bird Special Offer for any order before August 1st, 2019
*Free delivery to a single location within 10km from the hotel for a minimum order of 100 boxes.

Email : dung.tran@marriott.com
Phone: 0904.521.213